Lost Reality Music Announces King Blitz as The Winner Of It’s $10,000 Contest

Lost Reality Music Announces King Blitz as The Winner Of It’s $10,000 Contest

Working out of Detroit and Chicago, Lost Reality Music (LRM) is excited to announce Atlanta-based Producer and Artist King Blitz as the winner of its $10k contest. The artist management company seeks to help keep the arts alive. Founded by music aficionados, they understand that making music isn’t cheap. So their main goal is to help artists keep their dreams alive with cash prizes, equipment giveaways, crowdsource beats and so much more.LRM is putting its money where it’s mouth is by announcing King Blitz as the official winner of The $10,000 Lost Reality Music Contest.


The best ideas are often generated when adversity is faced. No one understands this better than LRM’s founder, James Philip, a deep lover of music. Having played with music as a hobby for most of his adult life, Philip, quickly turned his music hobby into a passion. A true audiophile, constantly surrounded by speakers and awesome headphones, Philip now getting his hands involved in the production of King Blitz’s new album.


King Blitz is a rapper, producer, and songwriter extraordinaire on the rise. Born in Gary, Indiana in 1991, Blitz began rapping at the age of 9. His mother is a singer, poet, & artist and his father is a guitarist, singer, producer, and writer. Outside of being musically influenced by his parents and siblings, he also gained inspiration from listening to international music mogul Michael Jackson. You can keep up with the latest news on King Blitz’s website and stream his music on Spotify.


Watch King Blitz’s interview on Youtube to learn more about his new album dropping January 24. You can listen to “Pain” by King Blitz on the Lost Reality Music channel that was just launched. Follow Lost Reality Music on Instagram and learn how you can win a chance to hang out with King Blitz in the studio as he records his next album all across the country.


About Lost Reality Music
Lost Reality Music (LRM) is working to keep the arts alive. Located in the Midwest, working from Detroit and Chicago, LRM works to get equipment, music production help, marketing and promotion services to artists on the rise. LRM works to help music makers continue doing what they love by assisting creators with promotional techniques, branding, consulting, and equipment so they can make a living and grow their brand.

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